RG-25 hard chromium plating process.


1. No fluoride and will not erode workpiece in low current area.
2. The deposition rate is very high, which is 1-2 times of the conventional hard chromium process.
3. The cathode current efficiency can be up to 25%.
4. Current density up to 65 A/ DM
5. The hardness of the coating is up to 1000-1100KHN100
6. The number of microcracks in the coating can be up to 400-500 / cm, thus improving the corrosion resistance
7. The coating is smooth, fine and bright.
8. Uniform coating thickness can reduce the overthickness deposition in high current area.
9. No strong erosion of the lead-tin anode. No special anode material is required
10. Process-stability, low operation and maintenance cost.