AOBONG Top Ten in Surface Treatment Industry for Three Consecutive Years

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On April 24, 2010, the annual award ceremony of China's top 10 surface treatment industry, the most influential selection activity of China's surface treatment industry, was held in Shanghai.


This activity is held by Huicong surface treatment network, and it is composed of well-known experts, scholars, representatives of award-winning enterprises, representatives of downstream enterprises of surface treatment, CCTV and Beijing TV station


Many news media have witnessed the birth of the top ten enterprises in China's surface treatment industry. After network preliminary evaluation, reevaluation to expert review, Aobang, with years of brand accumulation and influence, more than


The advanced technological innovation achievements, which fill in the gaps at home and abroad, have conquered the vast number of customers and expert judges, and have stood out from nearly 1000 enterprises in the industry since 2007 and 2008


Once again, it was awarded the title of "top ten national brands of electroplating raw materials".