First Service Center of China Electroplating Industry Alliance—YOUDU BAR

浏览:1878 发布时间:2014-04-20

On January 18, 2014, YOUDU BAR, the first service center of China Electroplating Industry Alliance, opened in Fenghua Jinsheng electroplating city. More than 30 electroplating enterprises of Fenghua Jinsheng were invited to participate in the opening ceremony. Mr. Zhou Yilong, general manager of Fenghua Jinsheng electroplating industry, Mr. Xiao Hongbing, Executive Secretary General of China Electroplating Industry Alliance, and Mr. Ji hongcong, deputy secretary general, jointly completed the opening ceremony.


YOUDU BAR is an exchange platform for the electroplating industry built by China Electroplating Industry Alliance. By integrating and integrating the superior resources of the upstream and downstream industries, YOUDU BAR provides a package of solutions from electroplating process planning and design to electroplating equipment, metal and chemical raw materials to technical services, consultation, detection and analysis to three wastes recovery and treatment, so as to avoid many electroplating enterprises worry about the future and concentrate on improving production and quality.


China Electroplating Industry Alliance will continue to integrate resources and work together with the government, industry, enterprises and society to improve the technology of electroplating industry, realize clean production and make it radiate new vitality.