Wuhan Aobang outstand the 2015 Shanghai International Surface Treatment Exhibition

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On November 18-20, 2015, the 28th China International surface treatment exhibition was held in Shanghai New International Convention and Exhibition Center. It is the 10th time for Wuhan Aobang Company to participate in this industry grand gathering. The exhibition stand design fully shows the distinct corporate image of Wuhan Aobang which is calm, fashionable and flexible. It is closely related to key words such as science and technology, innovation and win-win situation, and stands out among many booths.

In this exhibition Wuhan Aobang’s conventional products still cause widespread concern In addition, there are many highlights to attract many industry leaders and audience to stop and watch. Wuhan Aobang and Ningbo SUNHU deed joint electroplating and the Internet Plus industrial ecological chain platform set off a heated discussion on the transformation and upgrading of traditional electroplating industry, which can be regarded as an innovation in keeping with the development of the times. In addition, the state of Wuhan also proposed the one-stop service solution for electroplating chemicals for the first time at this exhibition. Finally, Wuhan Aobang has made a great effort in the field of electronic electroplating. Its overall solution in the electronic electroplating process is expected to break the monopoly of international giants and bring benefits and benefits to relevant users with innovative products with better cost performance.

In order to achieve the best results, to provide all-round and three-dimensional professional services to the visitors, the company has sent a strong exhibition team composed of its own technical experts and marketing personnel, led by the company's chairman Mr. Lv Zhi, and arranged professionals on duty every day to ensure that every visiting audience can get professional explanation services and seize every opportunity of cooperation.

Aobang Company, with its wide popularity and good reputation in the industry, has attracted many audiences both inside and outside the industry. We appreciate Aobang products and its innovation in business and service models. This exhibition is rich in harvest, and has been recognized by the organizers and relevant organizations of sfchina2015. Mr. Darrell, chief editor of international surface treatment magazine, personally went to the exhibition stand to congratulate and present awards. While Aobang brand has been spread and promoted, the image of "surface technology integrator" is more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.