Aobang Recognized as a National High-tech Enterprise

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On March 6, 2012, Wuhan Aobang Surface Technology Co., Ltd. received a notice jointly issued by the science and Technology Department of Hubei Province, the Finance Department of Hubei Province, the State Administration of Taxation of Hubei Province, and the Local Taxation Bureau of Hubei Province. The notice reads: "in accordance with the relevant provisions of the administrative measures for the identification of high-tech enterprises and the guidelines for the management of the identification of high-tech enterprises, Wuhan Aobang Surface Technology Co., Ltd. Is recognized as a high-tech enterprise through the procedures of examination, online publicity, announcement and filing, etc. and confirmed by the national high-tech enterprise identification management leading group office. "


Aobang Surface Technology Co., Ltd. was recognized as a high-tech enterprise this time, following Wuhan Aohua Surface Engineering Co., Ltd., which is also a member of Aobang enterprise, recognized as a high-tech enterprise in 2009, Aobang owns two high-tech enterprises, which is very rare in the surface treatment industry!


Since its establishment, Wuhan Aobang Surface Technology Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the enterprise concept that technological innovation is the two wings of enterprise development. The goal of technological innovation is to improve the competitiveness of products. It takes the road of combining scientific and technological development with the market. In accordance with the enterprise spirit of looking at the world, learning from others' strong points, combining with national conditions, gathering comprehensive and innovative improvement, Wuhan Aobang Surface Technology Co., Ltd. has widely developed foreign technology and product frontier We strive to improve the technical level of enterprises, take root in the surface treatment industry, and constantly provide more perfect products and technical solutions and more reliable services for electroplating enterprises. The company takes the service concept of "personalized and professional whole process tracking service" as its business model, and takes "high decoration, long-term protection of electroplating technology" as its foothold, Customer satisfaction as the ultimate pursuit in the industry has won a wide reputation. Because of Aobang's continuous efforts in scientific and technological innovation and endless scientific and technological achievements, the company has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise!